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King’s Room Teleports

As per yesterday update, each cave has an NPC in the main doorway, this NPC will now allow you to teleport to the Kings room of that Cave. You can teleport straight to EvilMir from the BW as well if you wish. Feedback on mob animation, spawns and any other problems you come across would […]

Zuma and Stone Temple

Zuma Temple:-Removed floors 1 to 4 meaning you will go from the lobby straight to the 5th floor.The 5th floor will have the NPC for slave cave and super Zuma’s. Stone Temple:- Removed floors 1 to 6 meaning you will go straight in to the Maze from the Lobby.

Wednesday 19th Update

Nothing that will effect you really, but just to keep you all in the loop. Removed 76 Maps, this includes, Mud Wall, Serpent Valley, Tao Town, Past Bichon, and all the little shops related to these maps.The removal of the Maps has reduced the amount of Mob spawning from 64,000ish down to 44,000ish.This huge reduction […]

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