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How many original players do we have?

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  • How many original players do we have?

    I have moved over the best i can all the old forums. Its was from an old backup but i think i managed to get most of the data transferred across.

    How many original forums do we still have?

    Just a little post to say hi will do

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    Brings back memories this, wonder how many return


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      Was a legend in my spare time, might download and mess about if the old gang turn up. Not sure Jamie would have me to be honest!! You out there Sally?



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        About time you showed up Jamie - Mir has died big time and people are waiting on something decent to play nice to see you back /Souljahz


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          i will deffo be on this, best servers ive played are MiRev & Ragezone, if you can emulate your previous servers it would be epic.



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            Deffo will return. Loved MirRevenge and RageZone two best servers!


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              Hi, DavzBFD.


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                I was an original mir2 player when it launched on that gamer channel in the UK.
                Always love a bit of Mir.


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                  original euro m2 player D server

                  and revenge hr player

                  if this server wil be buggfree and up to date as it is missing loads caves compared to mr hr

                  and better support then i might try it yes

                  am now testing this and gonna put buggs or things i see need changing in the bug report section



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                    Hello! i will be returning - downloading the client as we speak but im not sure if its downloading the files..



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                      I may return if the game won't be ruined by real money purchases after properly opening. All private servers get ruined by "pay to win" style stuff, it would be better if like all current moneymakers that the purchasable items were purely cosmetic (e.g. take a good weapon and apply a unique amazing looking skin to it) so that there isn't any levelling boosts or skill/damage boosts based on real money spending.

                      If you can nail a good way to make money for the server without causing an imbalance then you will be on to a winner and I'd happily play long term.