Wednesday 19th Update

Nothing that will effect you really, but just to keep you all in the loop.

Removed 76 Maps, this includes, Mud Wall, Serpent Valley, Tao Town, Past Bichon, and all the little shops related to these maps.
The removal of the Maps has reduced the amount of Mob spawning from 64,000ish down to 44,000ish.
This huge reduction in Mobs will allow me to increase mob spawn and add more mobs in game at a later date without causing server lag.

Will be adding a reduced size Mud Wall, and reduced size Tao Village later on this evening, and an NPC to teleport you to the maps.

Things that will effect game play.
Zuma Temple:-
Removed floors 1 to 4 meaning you will go from the lobby straight to the 5th floor.
The 5th floor will have the NPC for slave cave and super Zuma’s.

Stone Temple:- 
Removed floors 1 to 6 meaning you will go straight in to the Maze from the Lobby.

A full list of working Caves. Let me know if i have missed any.
Natural Cave
Oma Cave
Bichon Mines
Insect Cave
Troll Mine
Wooma Temple
Dark Forest
Tree Path
Mineral Mine
S Valley Dead Mine
Bug Cave
Zuma Temple
Swamp Cavern
Fox Cave
Oma Valley/Gorge
Black Dragon Dungeon
White Dragon Dungeon
Prajna Stone Cave
Prajna Stone Temple
Lunar Cave
Stone Temple
Hell Cavern

The list is no real order, however i will be putting them in some sort of level order at a later date.

At the moment there isn’t really much you can do in game apart from PK each other.

More updated to follow this evening.

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