Server rules

Well as the server rules have been around since the start of the server i feel its about time to update them so here goes:-

1 – Events.
There are 3 types of events, server based events and GM based events and invasions, so i will cover the rules for all the events.
Server side events. These are event that are added by myself and effect the whole server. When a server side event is created the infomation for that event will be on the forums and the website. Server side event are generally different each time. With server side events the overall game rules are always applied. You can PK in all server side events, if i do not want people to PK in server side events then i will make the areas safezones. Anyone caught exploiting in events will be banned from taking part in the rest of the event, and any items or levels gained from the event will be removed from that character.

GM events. These are in game events, noramlly done without much warning.
When a GM event is done then the GM will shout out all the rules for that event. However all normal game rules still apply. Anyone breaking rules put in place during GM event will end up with 5,000 PK points, which will not be removed. GM’s may also give additional punishments out, however the GM must shout out the additional punishments before starting the event.

There are 3 maps which can have invasions, BW,MW and the invasions map.
When an invasion is started a GM will be online until the invasion finishes, if they are not the GM will be punished.
Invasions done in BW are 100% non PK’ing invasions. Anyone caught PK’ing during a BW invasion will be given 1,000 PK points, so make sure you are on peace. Anyone luring mobs in to BW safezone will be given 1,000 PK points. Anyone standing on drops which arn’t theirs will also be given 1,000 PK points and kicked from game.
Invasions in MW are a total free for all. The only rules that apply are the general server rules. A GM dose not have to stay online for a MW invasion.
Invasions in the invasion map are also free for all, with a few rules about items. In the invasion map you are not allowed to use any sort of para, pro or rev ring. There are ways to get round the check points in place, but anyone caught using para/pro or rev rings will be banned for 3 days, AND have all there para/pro and rev rings removed from ALL their characters.

Any reports of abuse are taken very seriously by Mir Revenge. If you feel you have been abused by another player or by a gamemaster you will need to send as many unedited screenshot in to us as you can. We will investigate each and every account based on the evidence that is provided to us in our “server logs”. Any information that is provided via the forums and/or emails and/or from people not connected to the case in question will not be used in our investigation.
We all get abuse at one point from an angry player, lets face it. And most of you just take it in, which is fine until it gets to racist, peronsal, commenting on family members, sexist and sexuality comments which is just too far. All i can really say is take some screenies, report it to an online GM (so they can watch your PM’s and see it for themselves). Once uve got the screenies, send them to

Making the game unplayable for others/Griefing:
Making the game unplayable for others player is unacceptable on Mir Revenge. This includes but is not limited to the following.
Purposely making people red by one of the following means.
Logging on a low level character and getting in the way of someone’s attack.
Teleporting out of a contest room or fight area when you are poisoned so that when you die the character that poisoned you will get PK points.
Shoulder dashing a wall when you are on low HP to kill yourself and give someone PK points.
Also killing someone and trying to log out to avoid PK points is unacceptable, this includes but is not limited to the following. Poisoning someone then logging out. Attacking someone, taking them down to very little HP, logging out and allowing someone else to (1 hit) kill them.
Recalling people who you know are away from keyboard to an area where they may get killed by mobs + pushing people out of safezones so they can be PKed.
Running out of a safezone, attacking someone and running back in to the safezone.
Standing outside of a safezone in BW town (mainly outside BW bookshop) without a kit that reflects your level.
The pushiment for any of the above will be a warning. 3 warnings will result in 3 day ban. 3 bans in 1 month will equal a perm ban, 6 bans in 6 months will equal a perm ban.

Hacking is also taken seriously by Mir Revenge. Most hacking and hacking related issues are due to bad passwords and account sharing. If you share your account with someone and they steal items from your account, this is not classed as a hacking, and therefore we will be unable to help you in this matter. If your user name and password are the same then this is called being stupid and if your account is hacked we will not be able to help you. If however your account is somehow hacked then we will do our best to find out who hacked your account, and if possible get back any items that you lost. We will never replace your items or gold, we will only try and recover your items. If you report your account being hacked and we discover that your account wasn’t hacked or you were sharing your account, then you will be banned for wasting our time.

If you find a bug on the server, it is your duty to make sure that is has been reported on the forums. Please make sure that your check the forums before posting. If you have discovered a bug that gives you’re an advantage in the game and fail to report the bug, your account may get banned and items and gold maybe removed from your account. This is called bug exploiting.

Note for Guild Leaders

Any of the following in guild titles

{}@~?:><|!"?$%^&*()_+?[]#';/.,\` or a space will be deleted. Any one found to be having a title with the above in them, will get a warning. If the guild leader does not change the title then the guild will be deleted. The guild titles cause a lot of database problems which in turn causes lag on the server. Mir Revenge is hosted on a dedicated server in a server complex somewhere in the UK. This is great for a lag free server, but from an admin point of view it isn’t that good. As the server and the internet connection to the server are owned and operated by a company that hosts many other servers, this means that the server might lose connection for a few minutes or even hours a week. If this happens then Mir Revenge can not replace or refund any items or gold lost. 99% of the time if the connection to the server is lost, you will be lagged out of the server straight away and therefore will not lose anything. If Mir Revenge staff cause the server to lag out we will replace any items or gold lost, as long as we are able to trace the item or gold. Mir Revenge is not able to replace any pets lost due to lag outs. Mir Revenge reserves the rights to make changes to the server and forum as it feels fit. Support Always here to help, please bear in mind, we're not superhuman We will try to respond ASAP but in some cases please be patient If you have shared your account with other people (we log all IP addresses) then please don't email us screaming your account has been hacked and demanding we return your items. Because we won't be doing it - you have been warned! If you have died and lost an item - We can't return it. We will only email you on the email address you provided when u created your account. (Make sure you enter an email address) If you are sending screen shots please do not change the file format or edit them in any way as this will stop us being able to verify them correctly. If your are reporting cheats or abuse please provide more then 1 screen shot or use fraps (screen recording software) Staff at Mir Revenge do not get paid to help so please do not give any kind of abuse towards any staff members, staff spend alot of there personal time trying to keep you guys playing and helping other users out. Any signs of abuse no matter how small will result in action being taken there and then, continually signs of abuse will result in an account ban. Server Trading If you are reporting someone selling an account or trading an account only 1 screen shot is needed. Its not allowed, so don't do it. Selling of items, or accounts for real life cash is bannable. Those who choose to ignore the numerous warnings and are indeed caught doing so, will be prem banned. Forum Avatars Please don't use any Rude avatars or ones that could be viewd as abusive towards other forum members so pls keep it clean any one found to be useing one will be banned from the forums if while choosing a avatar from the forums list finds any one(or more) image that they feel is abusive or to rude can pm me & I'll remove it asap. Please send all e-mail's related to the above to If you are have problems with your account, unable to login, create a character, need a characters restoring or any other problems please e-mail Please put your character's name in the subject field please. If you have found a bug on the server please e-mail or post it on the bug section of the forum you might even be rewarded although this is completely at our discretion.

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